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Sinosun Subic Bay Holdings Corporation pursues to become long-term partners with exceptional management teams who share its goals of significant long-term growth in promoting infrastructural and economic development from Subic Bay radiating out towards nearby cities and beyond.
Sinosun is an investment and business development group.
It strives to leave a positive impact on the communities.


To transform Subic Bay into a sustainable and well-rounded green, save and smart city. There will be a balance between modernization and conservation, of not only its environment but also its rich arts and culture. Sinosun will be showcasing Subic Bay as a model city for development that can be replicated an applied in other regions of the Philippines.


We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards. We strive for excellent performance in everything we do. We are passionate about growing our business globally. We value innovative efforts, ideas and methods to continually improve our business processes. We work as one team to achieve our corporate goals.

Our Advisor

Senior Advisor

Dr. Dante A. Ang

Chairman emeritus of The Manila Times, Dr. Dante A. Ang, Special Envoy of the President for International Public Relations.

Legal Advisor

Atty. Edwin C. Uy

Atty. Uy is a veteran lawyer and a senior partner of one of the most prominent law firm in the Philippines. He obtain both his Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting from the University of Santo Tomas.
His areas of practice include Litigation: Criminal Prosecution and Defense, Local Government, Election, & Administrative Litigation; Corporate and Special Projects: Foreign Investments, Gaming and Amusements, Public-
Private Partnership and Joint Ventures, Project Finance; Legal Education, Legislative Advocacy & Policy Reform: Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs.Atty. Uy’s professional background and experiences provide Sinosun with an unfair advantage with his priceless advices and guidance.



Saño was the former Senior Deputy Administrator for Business and Investment of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) from April 2009 to August 2018. He was responsible for business development, implementation of investment processing system, achieving annual revenue targets, expense budgets and performance targets, ensuring contract compliance by locators, and managing the six Business Group Departments namely; Leisure, Logistics, ICT, Manufacturing and Maritime, General Business, and Land and Asset Development.
During his time as Senior Deputy Administrator, SBMA consistently hit above-target performance of the Business and Investment Group, including revenue targets. He reformed the Business Processing systems and procedures resulting in improved ease of doing business and cost of doing business in Subic Bay Freeport. Saño was also a former Director of SBMA, and a former Director of Bases Conversion Development Authority.
He also has professional background in the Private, Corporate, Industrial Engineering, Management including proprietorship of SCS Public Affairs Consultancy, Management and Industrial Engineering Consultant of ASPAC Transportation Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and Industrial Engineering Consultant of People’s Air Cargo Corporation in NAIA CARGO TERMINAL.
In 2008 he was engaged by the Philippine National Oil Company to turn around the financial status of the PNOC petrochemical Industrial Park in Bataan for the first time in seven years. He was a journalist and column writer and was awarded the Golden Dove awards and the Catholic Mass Media Awards for two consecutive years.


Dr. Yu Xiao Yang

Dr. Yu was born in Beijing in 1954. He graduated from Peking University and received his Masters Degree and PhD in Business Administration from University of Southern Illinois in the United States. He is currently the Executive Director of Hong Kong Peiker Development Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Power Construction Third Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy Construction Group. Dr. Yu also has three years of experience in research at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
He has served as the executive director of American company EGI, Valtech Communications, Beijing Holdings, Beijing Development (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., China Information Technology Development Co. Ltd., Fulda High-Tech Co., Ltd., Lanrui Environmental Group and has held senior executive positions such as president and senior manager in other well known companies.
He has made outstanding contributions in corporate planning, corporate income generation, technological innovations, team and culture construction, international business development and exchange, investment and financing with his rich management experiences. Dr. Yu is also an influential and renowned expert in the field of energy production.


Professor Zhu Zhen Quan

Born in 1970, native of Hubei Province, professor-level senior engineer, master student, Zhu is the Senior Director of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group of China Power Group.
Graduated from Northwestern University School of Hydraulic Engineering, School of Business Administration, North China Electric Power University, Professor Zhu successively served as engineer, general director and senior engineer of Gezhouba Group Three Gorges
Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Senior Engineer of Beijing Fibrlink Communications Co., Ltd.
In China Power Construction, China Hydropower Consulting Group, he is engaged in enterprise management, investment construction management, and energy operation management. Professor Zhu is also the Senior Director and supervision expert of Hunan Energy Regulatory Office of National Energy Administration.



Sinosun Subic Bay Holdings Corporation

As a diversified holding with multiple unrelated businesses, persistent emphasis is placed to ensure that companies in its portfolio maintain or even exceed their profitability targets.

Capital Market Advisory

Sinosun in specialized in taking growing enterprises public to gain capital growth through the capital markets.

Project Planning

Our specialist provide analysis, planning, guidance and implementation so that businesses can grow with confidence.

Business Financing

We work hand in glove to assist businesses to secure leveraged financing to achieve such as acquisition, buy-outs or repurchasing shares.

Strategic Services

We will provide tools to create a framework in aid of decision making process.

Merger & Acquisition

We follow a structured process geared to action and growth, so that long dreamed plans and opportunities can be realized.
Samuel P S Lim

Message from
the Chairman

Prior to venturing into the Philippines, Sinosun has been dynamically providing behind-the- scene support for many corporations from the planning stage up until successful public offering.

The Philippines is a beautiful country with over a hundred million people, inhabiting around 70 percent of its 7,000 over islands which are scattered across an immense, 300,000 square kilometers of ocean. Given the unique challenges of its geography, perhaps no other country has a greater need for reliable and high quality infrastructure. From air and marine transport links, to good roads, telecommunications and energy generation, all are needed for provision of reliable services, and to enable businesses to sustain and expand.

Infrastructure matters. The Philippines has seen impressive economic growth but it remains among the least developed countries among the ASEAN member states. Investment in infrastructure projects, including road and railway constructions in the Philippines, has increased sharply but still not significant enough to effect profound changes or to ease the existing congestions.

Subic Bay, converted from a former American naval base under the Republic Act No.7227 has a unique and independent structure of administration that makes it an ideal location for Sinosun to showcase alternative concepts to provide supplementary options for governing leaders to bring positive changes to the country.

Sinosun is supporting an increasing number of international corporations who wish to participate in the building and strengthening the infrastructure in Subic Bay as a showcase that will serve as an example that such concepts can be implemented in other parts of the Philippines. We will be coordinating the participation of these companies from the preliminary feasibility studies to the funding arrangements up until the operations and handover of proposed infrastructure projects.

We are totally committed to backing the implementation of infrastructural master plan that has been proposed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and will further support the vision of making Subic Bay the main anchor for the growth of the nation as a whole. We stand by our commitments and are determined that we will achieve beyond what we strived out to do.

Board of Directors

Sinosun doesn't settle for off-the-shelf solutions, our approaches and
recommendations are highly customized.


Dr. Samuel Lim P. S.

Dr. Lim is the Chairman of Sinosun Group of Companies and the Director of several investment companies in Asia and Europe. Holder of a doctoral degree in business administration, he is experienced in helping companies to formulate their overall business strategies to improve their management in order to reach their full potentials. Dr. Lim has been providing consultancy services to growing enterprises in Southeast Asia and China where he has been recently acknowledged as one of the top 50 and in the running for the top 10 most influential entrepreneurs award in China.
The Group holds a diversified portfolio of investments and businesses in various industries from Information Technology, renewable energy, infrastructural development, real estate, finance and banking, life sciences, mining, hospitality and tourism. Together with a team of experienced professionals, his advisory firms focus on the Asian markets and have worked closely with many government agencies, government-linked companies and state owned enterprises in Southeast Asia and also in China.
In his mission to grant growing enterprises a venue to draw funds to develop their dreams, Samuel added to the Group, Sinosun Labs which specializes in Fintech and blockchain technology, and SPEZA Digital Asset Exchange. As tokenization of digital assets becomes more accepted and regulated, Dr. Lim provides token offering solutions to developing companies to raise necessary funds from his network of accredited and institutional investors. Complementing the efforts to capitalize on blockchain and digital assets SPEZA Digital Asset Exchange also holds an Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange license issued and regulated by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority in the Philippines.

CEO, China

Wang Xin Ping, Lisa

Wang is the CEO of Sinosun, China. She studied business administration and accounting, and obtained her China national accountant certification in 1994. She has held positions as the Chief Accountant of Dandong Second Construction Company, Head of Aimi Plastic Surgery Hospital, and Director of Dalian Muxin Co. Ltd., acquiring more than 15 years of experience in Marketing, Finance & Business Management, Accountancy and Business Administration.
Her inquisitiveness in the investment circle has driven her to be actively involved in multiple investment platforms and finally managing an investment company. Xinping is also currently the Chairperson of Sinosun Finance Investment Ltd. in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

Executive Director

Wong M. M.

Wong was appointed in 2017 as Executive Director has extensive leadership and management expertise in international corporations and was the Managing Director of Pearson Corporation in Malaysia and Singapore, President Director of Pelangi Education Group in Republic of Indonesia and the Chief Executive Office of Informatic Education Group in Malaysia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and a Masters of Business Administration from University
of Dubuque, USA.

Vice President, Operations

Anthony Lim Y. C.

Anthony has been on the inner workings of the capital markets, consulting and advising on emerging enterprises, since 2012. Upon completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Upper Iowa University, he joined Sinosun to educate corporations and individuals alike, on the ins and outs of angel investments. With the wealth of knowledge garnered from helping Sinosun on financial education, he helped listed multiple companies onto the HKOTC Exchange in Hong Kong.
Anthony is currently in charge of the strategic planning department of the company providing up to date strategic research regarding external trends and information on current strategies being adopted by global organizations. He directs and oversees the company’s long-range goal planning, organizational reviews and developing new strategies to support the growth of the company.

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Lim

Ian Lim is the Chief Technology Officer of Sinosun Subic Bay Holdings Corporation. He is the Co-founder of Sinosun Labs - a blockchain technology company that provides proprietary private label digital asset-exchange platform and Information Technology Director of SinoPhil Economic Zone Dax Management Sdn. Bhd. – one of the Philippines license issuers that regulate fintech and blockchain activities in accordance with the Digital Asset Token Offering (DATO) regulations of Cagayan Economic Zone Authority.
He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics And Special Effects from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in 2011. To date Ian is actively working on the creation of a platform for the integration of providing financial assistance to small time farmers using blockchain technology in developing countries.

Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Trevor Tan

Trevor graduated with a Doctor of Optometry degree from Centro Escolar University, Philippines. After graduation, he went back to Malaysia where he practiced optometry for over 20 years before venturing into the capital markets and business advisory. Tan has years of experience in assisting emerging enterprises to gain exposure and raise funds from the capital markets. He was based in Europe, particularly in Belgium and London before moving back to Asia in Hong Kong.
Trevor is mainly responsible for developing structured working capital solutions, sourcing liquidity from alternative markets, enhancing yield on corporate investments, monetization of illiquid or distressed assets, and various equity products. The booming economy in the Philippines has created endless opportunities that have bid him back to the country he graduated from.