RB Cuyo Opens New Branch In Subic Bay Freeport Zone


Tuesday, 29 June 2021, The Rural Bank (RB) of Cuyo (Palawan), Inc. held an opening ceremony for its branch in Subic Bay. Established in 1979, the bank has been the sole local level banking organization operating to serve primarily the residents of Cuyo with banking and financial services.

Seeking new opportunities and accepting new challenges, RB Cuyo has chosen Subic Bay for its first branch due to its similarity to Cuyo, a closely knitted community, and also due to its diversity where people from many different countries converge together to do business in the Freeport.

“We are banking on our time-tested close rapport with our clients for that personal touch in providing banking services”; said Rafael Francisco Amparo, President of the bank. “A bank of our size could also be an advantage”; he added, a reference to RB Cuyo’s lean and agile decision-making structure compared to bigger banks that have too many clients to provide personalized services.

With great acceptance and overwhelming response of the branch’s offers to the local communities, Mr. Amparo also contentedly shared that the loan target set for the branch for this year has been met. “We have just started, and we’re looking forward to doing more exciting things with our Subic Bay Branch for the rest of 2021”; he said