Coastal Resort of Redondo Peninsula

We Aim to

  • Create an International tourist destination.
  • Paradise Resort of coast and marine bay.
  • Internationally recognized tourist resorts. Attract more and higher affluent tourists.

Project Overview

The Redondo Peninsula costal areas facing the West Philippine Sea holds an abundance of beautiful sanctuaries protected by Mount Pundaquit. The natural coves of Silanguin and Nagsasa are perfect locations for the development of ecotourism themed international five-star coastal resorts. The Coastal Resorts will provide extraordinary opportunities to create coastal destinations that will define a new and unique experience for visitors. They will provide catalysts for the creation of a new waterfront experience, unique destinations that will be globally recognized as key features of the new Subic Bay.

They will be places that recognize the potential and will be a place where nature, culture, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment are an inseparable part of everyday life. Through the realization of the master plan, Sinosun aspires to create a place that will be among the ranks of the top international resort and entertainment destinations. Most importantly, it will create a framework that inspires the next generation.

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Ferry Terminal

Ferry Terminal

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