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subic international landmark
International Financial Center (IFC)

Subic Bay needs a landmark as an identity to attract and retain international corporations, institutions and individuals to ...

Industry Park
Industry Park

Subic Bay will not only attract economic trade but also encourage new international companies and foreign direct investments into Subic Bay.

Transhipment Port
Transhipment Port

The strategic location of Subic Bay, considered to be the "Center of Asia" has the most potential to play the role of a key port of transshipment of cargo.

international cruise ship to subic
International Cruise Terminal

Taking advantage of the existing deep seaports, Sinosun is now proposing to transform one of the current piers into a cruise terminal.

world class resort hotel
Coastal Resorts

The other side of Redondo Peninsula coastal areas facing the West Philippine Sea holds an abundance beautiful sanctuaries protected by Mount Pundaquit.

subic ferry terminal
Ferry Services

In line with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority’s thrust to provide the public more options and modes of transportation to and from Subic Bay ...

subic tourism

Sinosun has identified a few key services that will be supported to meet the demands and to cater more affluents tourist.

real estate houses
Real Estate Development

Endearing homes to raise families and to give the residents in Subic Bay a tangible stake in this special economic zone and its future.


Energy is a major factor for development. It is needed for transport, industrial and commercial activities, buildings and infrastructure.

retirement home

Subic Bay has the opportunity to have a share of the growing "resort style" retirement market.

real estate houses
Digital Asset

Financial Technology (FinTech) is revolutionizing traditional banking and all financial services.

Digital Asset Banking and Financial Services

Sinosun would be establishing a blockchain-based banking system to clear and settle trades.

retirement home
International Chartered Flights Services

Sinosun is in discussions with commercial and charter airlines to expand its tourism business by ...

real estate houses
Institute for
Higher Education

The proposed projects by Sinosun and its partners are expected to create vast ...

Digital Free Trade

The idea of a digital hub to centralize fulfillment processes for eCommerce ...

Olongapo City Public Market
Communications Satellite

Sinosun has signed an understanding with ChinaRocket Co. Ltd...


Sinophil Economic Zone DAX Management (SPEZA) is the product of dynamic collaborations...

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