Ferry Services



Ferry Services

We Aim to
Alternate mode of transport for locals in across Subic Bay.
Maximize maritime utilization in the Bay.
Construct a New Ferry Terminal and other ferry ports across Subic Bay and Redondo Peninsula.

Project Overview
In line with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority’s thrust to provide the public more options and modes of transportation to and from Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), Sinosun is proposing to establish ferry services form Subic Bay to Manila and vice versa.

Sinosun is currently studying the introduction of roll-on, roll-of services which are capable of accommodating cars and small trucks as well as regular passengers. Vessels being considered are sixty to one hundred meters catamarans that are extremely stable and safe and are commonly being use around the globe for ferry services.

Six to eight vessels will be initially used with scheduled departures at intervals of one hour from both terminals in Subic Bay and Manila daily from 6am until 6pm. The frequency and number of vessels will be adjusted after three months of operations to meet the demands and needs of the passengers.

The ferry services will later be further expanded to cover routes between the port areas in Subic Bay to proposed development sites on the Redondo Peninsula and even up to Iba in Zambales after detailed feasibility studies.

When in full operations, the ferry services are expected to significantly alleviate congestions on both sides along the expressways connecting Manila to Subic Bay.